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This is evangelin1202's graphics community. If you like what you see, feel free to join and/or watch. :)
Around here you'll find all kinds of graphics - icons, picspams, wallpapers, banners, etc. The most used fandoms are BtVS, AtS, Friends, Dollhouse, Firefly, LOST, HIMYM, and various movies along with pretty actors, actresses and models.

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make me ecstatic!
Snagging is encouraged!
Credit is appreciated (credit evangelin1202 or effulgentcolors)!
Hotlinking is not!
Concrit is always welcome!

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darlaslilgirl @ hellish_media
azuremonkey @ thefixedfoot
organza @ glassballerina
zarajade123 @ cancelcollect
longerthanwedo @ thevividimagery
fearless_123 @ je_vue
drankmywar @ defaultsettings
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